We come together from diverse traditions as a welcoming, religious community with shared values, seeking spiritual growth, lifelong religious education, and fellowship. We strive to promote justice, acceptance, and compassion in the world.

Please watch this short video (click on the image to the left) and listen to some of our members talking about our congregation.

Join us at 10:30 a.m. Sunday mornings, at our new church in Housatonic (see story below), at 1089 Main St. Housatonic, Great Barrington, MA.

Map and Directions to our Housatonic church.


UUMSB Has a Home of Our Own!

We are very happy to let you know that on June 2, 2014 UUMSB became the owner of a church building for the first time!  Our purchase of the historic Housatonic Congregational Church building marks the end of our 19-year journey in search of a permanent home.  Our first service at our Housatonic church was on June 15, 2014. Here is a link for more details about this happy story.

Our services are at 10:30 every Sunday.  For an interactive map and directions to our Housatonic church, please see our Map and Directions page on this web site.


UUMSB Walk Schedule for 2014

This is our eight season.  Monthly nature walks that celebrate the wild places of the Berkshire / Taconic landscape  –  from April through November.  Here is a link to the schedule page.  Please Note:  The location for the September 28th walk was changed to Tyringham Cobble.  Follow this link for directions to the cobble from our church.

UU Service Committee video:  thank you for your support of human rights

Here is an inspiring video from the UU Service Committee highlighting the work of UU members in support of human rights around the world (click on the image to the right).

Please visit the UUSC web site at  www.uusc.org.  If you have any questions about the social justice work of UUSC you may ask UUMSB/UUSC members Tommie Hutto-Blake, Al Blake or Bill Young for more information on how you can best support UUSC activities.

Both of Jan Hutchinson's poetry books are available!

Jan's new book is Raggedy Prayers and Crooked Ladders, and its price is $14.  Follow this link for a preview.  The second edition of Jan's 2008 book, Poems of Prayer and Heresy, is now in print.  Follow this link for a preview.  The price of this book is $12. These books would make wonderful gifts for family and friends.  They are available after our services and also at Yellow House Books, 252 Main St., Great Barrington.  All proceeds will go to our congregation.

Upcoming worship services:

September 28 – "Finding the Sacred on the Road" – Sharon Meyer  – Sharon Meyer is a member of our congregation and greatly appreciates the outdoors. – Music: Bonnie Benson, piano;  Jose Garcia, alto recorder.

October 5  –  "Dedicated and Devoted"  –  Rev. Carol Allman-Morton  –  How does our Unitarian Universalist tradition understand dedication and devotion? What does it mean to be dedicated to a path?  –  Music:  Cardinale Montano and Lee Dixon.

October 12  –  "Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer"  – Michael Lipson, Ph.D.  –  Michael Lipson is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Great Barrington. He is the author of The Stairway Surprise and Group Meditation. He resides in Great Barrington with his family.  – Music:  Lisa Maras.

October 19  –  "Stepping in the Same Stream Twice"  – Rev. Carol Allman-Morton  –  As we cycle through the seasons year after year, where do we find hope that, in the words of Parker and King 'the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice'? What supports us in hope?  –  Music:  Lisa Maras, piano.

October 26  –  "The Engineer's Mind”  –  Jon Greene  –  Jon Greene is a longtime member of the congregation. You may find him walking in the woods, prancing on the dance floor, puttering in the garden, or toiling in front of the computer while dreaming of his imminent retirement.  –  Music: Lisa Maras, piano.

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