We come together from diverse traditions as a welcoming, religious community with shared values, seeking spiritual growth, lifelong religious education, and fellowship. We strive to promote justice, acceptance, and compassion in the world.

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Join us at 10:30 a.m. Sunday mornings
, at our new church in Housatonic, 1089 Main St. Housatonic, Great Barrington, MA.

Map and Directions to our Housatonic church.  



June 28 –  "Happiness as a Spiritual Practice in an Era of Climate Change" – Ginny Sassaman – In an era of climate change, cultivating personal happiness may seem self-indulgent.  Yet the science of happiness points us in exactly the opposite direction.  Growing deep, genuine happiness is one of the best things we can do to help this troubled world.  And, given the UUA's commitment to climate action, it can also be an important spiritual practice.   A member of the Unitarian Church of Montpelier congregation and choir since 2006, Ginny Sassaman is a co-founder of Gross National Happiness USA and creator of The Happiness Paradigm.  She was keynote speaker at the 2014 national conference on the happiness movement, and has six times been the guest lay service leader in Vermont UU churches.  She has a Masters in Mediation and a Certificate in Positive Psychology. – Music: Bob Sassaman.

July 5  –  "All Together Now"  –  Rev. Carol Allman-Morton  –  What's cooking in our Unitarian Universalist Association?  Worship today will reflect on experiences from our General Assembly in Portland, OR.  –  Music: Hilda Banks Shapiro, piano.

July 12  –  “Are You Dying to Know?”  –  Rev. Kathy Duhon  –  What are you dying to know?  About death, life, religion, whether Emily and Victoria survive their “Revenge”? (apologies for the TV reference!)  Maybe you once upon a time believed that all would be revealed when you died, but now you show up looking for truth at a creedless church that simply won’t give you the answers.  Why religion?  Here people laugh and love and question, and are sometimes dying to know.  Rev. Kathy Duhon is the founding minister of our UU Meeting of South Berkshire.  In her retirement she enjoys writing and preaching at various churches in the area.  She lives on a small farm in New Lebanon, NY.  –  Music: Bonnie Benson, piano, Jose Garcia, alto recorder.

July 19  –  "Bring It On 5, 'the Re-Re-Bringining'!"  –  Rev. Carol Allman-Morton  – Join in our fifth annual “questions” service.  Send me questions about life,  UU history, polity, theology, or whatever you choose (callmanmorton@gmail.com).  I will do my very best to touch on all submitted questions somewhere in the service.  –  Music:  Hilda Banks Shapiro, piano.

July 26  – "Don't Worry, Be..."  – Rev. Sarah Gillespie  –  Rev. Sarah Gillespie completed her parish internship in June 2015 at the UU Church of Canandaigua (NY) where she focused on worship, religious education and social justice.  Recently ordained, she looks forward to pursuing a ministry of pastoral care, interfaith cooperation, and community building work with people of all ages.  Outside of church,  Sarah gets her kicks from singing (sometimes with her ukelele), walking, journaling and spending time with all the people she calls family.  Music:  Marian Rose, piano.



3rd Friday Gatherings

The Membership and Growth Committee is sponsoring 3rd Friday Gatherings providing entertainment, timely discussions or pot luck dinners for both our congregation and the community. Follow this link for schedule and details.

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